School history

Mosman Public School has a proud history. It began on October 4 1880, when Mr Richard Henderson, as the first temporary teacher, opened the door of Mosman Bay Public School. The School was then housed in a rented two storey building on the site that is now 852-858 Military Road.  In 1883 the first school building was erected facing Military Road on what is part of the present Mosman High School site.  From March 1894 this was officially known as Mosman Public School. Boys, Girls and Infants were segregated into different departments as was practice of the day.


The school remained on the current High School site and enrolments grew steadily throughout the early years of the 20th century. In 1908, enrolments reached 993 with the buildings severely overcrowded. By 1913, enrolments had reached 1,233 and the efficiency of the school was threatened. Temporary premises were obtained in the recently vacated Government Savings Bank until on June 17 1915, the Infants School was opened in a new building, now known as the Gouldsbury Building, facing Mosman Oval. Following the opening of both Middle Harbour and Beauty Point  Public Schools, accompanied by a statewide fall in enrolments, numbers dramatically decreased to well below 1,000 students.


In late 1968, the first buildings of the new primary school were opened on the current site bounded by Belmont Road, Myahgah Street and Gouldsbury Street and, by 1969, all students had been moved into the new accomodation. In 1974, a further new building was added on the corner of Myahgah and Gouldsbury Streets. Enrolments remained steady until the mid 1980s when they decreased slowly, falling well to below 300 in 1994.


From the mid 1990s enrolments again increased steadily to the current 700 students. With the NSW Government initiative of smaller class sizes, this has meant that the school is now full, with all classroom space occupied.


The School is conveniently located behind Spit Junction, close to Allan Border Oval and the Mosman Community Centre. It has spacious grounds which boast beautiful, mature trees and a variety of playing surfaces which allow for multiple uses.